Online Training Lisa Carusone

Online Training

Do you have workouts you’ve downloaded on your laptop?  Or, fitness DVDs near your TV, some of them still unopened? You’re not alone.

Online training may be the solution you’ve been looking. Use it to augment your one-on-one work with Lisa. Take it with you when you travel. The options for what you can do with a personalized, online workout are endless.

Phase One – Initial consultation:

Lisa meets with you to identify what you need and want in a fitness program. What works for and motivates you may not do the same for someone else. This consultation is the first phase of creating your unique program.

Phase Two – Program development:

Lisa designs a program specific to your fitness goals, and what you can – and will – realistically accomplish in the time you have available. Lisa’s solutions are not pre-packaged or pre-recorded. That’s what makes her approach to online fitness as unique as her clients.

Your program is uploaded on VIMEO for you once it is designed.  Pay for your workout in advance and enjoy unlimited access for six months.  Workouts are password-protected, so the only person who sees your workout is YOU!  At the end of six months, the material is removed and Lisa can develop a new workout for you.  Or, ask her for new material sooner!

Initial one-hour consultation: $75

Program development: $50 - $100 per program

Unlimited access to online tools for six months