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Pilates is a method of total body conditioning that builds strength and flexibility, especially in the body’s core. Developed by Joseph Pilates (1880 – 1967) as a rehabilitation tool for injured World War I veterans, it was brought by him to this country in 1926.

Pilates is done on the mat, and on specialized apparatus. Lisa teaches both, in private, small group and clinic settings.

Age fit:

As we age, we lose balance, strength and flexibility. When done on the apparatus, Pilates offers physical support, making exercise easier. Pilates mat work challenges balance and stamina, and improves strength and posture.

Get fit/Stay fit:

Starting a fitness program can be intimidating. Pilates, with its progressive approach, let’s you find success early on. And, as athletes who include Pilates as part of their training program will tell you, it offers challenges for a lifetime.

Rehab fit:

Pilates is a great way to transition from post-surgery physical therapy to a regular fitness program. And, it offers challenges and modifications to accommodate almost every health condition.

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 - $85.00

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